Las Vegas Domestic Violence Defense You Can Count On When You Need It Most

Many people think of severe spouse abuse when the term “domestic violence” is used, but you may face the charge of battery domestic violence in Las Vegas, Nevada, for simply throwing an object at another person. The victim associated with a domestic violence charge isn’t always the spouse. You could also receive this charge for an act of perceived violence against a roommate, a member of your family or your boyfriend/girlfriend.

It may seem like you have no one on your side when charges for domestic violence are issued, but Attorney at Law John J. Graves and his legal team will stand by your side. After years of firsthand experience in the Las Vegas criminal courts, we understand how the consequences of a domestic violence conviction could change your life.

We’re committed to providing a well-planned defense in your honor, and we fight for justice on behalf of our clients every day. We understand the law, and we understand that everything is on the line for you. What you deserve is reliable representation in court, and that’s exactly what our legal team provides.

Charged with Domestic Violence? Let Us Help

Attorney John J. Graves is an experienced domestic violence lawyer with a dedicated team of legal experts, assistants and other professionals with a proven interest in winning against unjust domestic violence charges. You don’t have to feel intimidated by the court system, and you don’t have to stand alone against your accusers.

The reality is that the penalties for a domestic violence conviction in Nevada are quite steep. Your first two charges within a seven-year period are considered misdemeanors, and your third charge within the same time period is a felony with more severe consequences.

Take a quick look at some of the penalties that you may receive if you’re convicted of domestic violence in Las Vegas:

  • Mandatory jail or prison sentence – from two days in jail up to five years in prison
  • Community service
  • Fine – from $200 up to thousands of dollars
  • Domestic violence counseling – minimum of six months
  • Drug and alcohol counseling – if applicable to your case
  • No-contact order

If you aren’t a legal U.S. citizen, then you may also face deportation if convicted of domestic violence, starting from your first offense. You may also lose the right to buy, carry or own a gun.

We can help you create a solid defense before your upcoming court date. We will give you the strongest chance of having your charges dismissed and will fight for a less severe charge whenever possible. While there is never a guarantee of complete success, your chances are always higher when you’re represented by an experienced and passionate domestic violence attorney.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Las Vegas

Attorney at Law John J. Graves is one of the most experienced and well-respected domestic violence lawyers in Nevada. When you partner with our team, we work tirelessly to understand all aspects of your case. We then create an effective defense strategy that will serve you well in court. When it seems that there is no hope for your case, our team can help you find the silver lining.