Ticket Laundry Las Vegas

Traffic tickets in Las Vegas are serious business. If you don’t pay your ticket, you could have a bench warrant issued for your arrested. If you get too many tickets in a short amount of time without taking the appropriate action, your drivers license could be suspended or revoked.

While a speeding ticket or the occasional misdemeanor traffic violation isn’t likely to land you behind bars, you could walk away with drivers license demerit points, big fines, and increased insurance rates. This is where John J. Graves “Ticket Laundry” can help you clean up your driving record, and may help you reduce your violation to a parking ticket.

Need Help Fighting A Traffic Ticket?

Are you concerned about an upcoming court date? You can plead Guilty, or No Contest, and accept the fine, demerit points and any other consequences issued for the violation – OR – you can contact the Ticket Laundry, have your case handled by an experienced attorney and potentially have your ticket reduced to a parking violation.

If you decide to plead Not Guilty, Attorney Graves will use his Negotiation Skills and Experience with the Las Vegas Court system to help you receive the best results possible for your case.

Traffic Warrant? We can Help

Unresolved traffic violation can result in a bench warrant for your arrest. This gives law enforcement officers the authority to arrest you should they stop you for a random violation or run your plates for any reason. Having a warrant issued can be frightening. The law office of John J. Graves can quash your warrant for you, giving you time to resolve your violation without fear of being arrested. If you have an outstanding warrant, call the Law Office of John J. Graves today to get your warrant quashed as soon as possible.

We handle all of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson Tickets and Warrants!

We have the expertise to represent our clients regardless of the traffic violation in question. Whether you can’t afford to accept eight demerit points for reckless driving or you’ve received your first speeding ticket, you’re in good hands with our legal team. Even if you’re facing multiple traffic tickets or have a history of traffic violations, we have the professionals and experience needed to mount an effective defense in court.

Contact a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you want to learn more about your options for removing some of the demerit points on your license or fighting traffic tickets in court, contact Las Vegas traffic attorney John J. Graves today. Our experienced firm has the expertise that you need to handle your traffic tickets responsibly.

Ticket Laundry

John J. Graves, Jr. has developed a unique and convenient “Ticket Laundry”, which can literally clean your tickets up for you, often eliminating the inconvenience of court appearance and traffic school.

For a charge of $25.00 per violation, Attorney John J. Graves, Jr. will represent you in court, usually reducing your citation to that of a parking ticket. All you need to do is provide a copy of your traffic citation, your Drivers License and $25.00 per violation.

Once your ticket has been reduced, you can either pay the court directly, or pay Ticket Laundry and we will take your payment to the court for you.