Guardianship Lawyer in Las Vegas

You’re the ideal client for the Law Office of John J. Graves if any of the following statements apply to you:

  • You need advice regarding your legal rights as a guardian.
  • You need help filing the proper paperwork for a newly established guardianship.
  • You’re concerned about the welfare of a loved one and want to explore the option of securing legal guardianship.
  • Someone is challenging your status as a guardian, and you want to defend your rights.

You have the responsibility of making wise decisions with the well being of a minor or an incapacitated adult in mind. There are laws that may dictate what decisions you can and cannot make, and you may have concerns about specific decisions. Your guardianship lawyer is here to provide legal information that helps you abide by the law while caring for your loved one.

Child Custody Las Vegas

Both parents naturally want to see their children as often as possible, and this makes issues surrounding child custody highly emotional and sometimes irrational. This is why it’s critical to have the support of an experienced child custody attorney to help you think through your options and make a solid plan to assert your rights in court.

Adult Guardianship

When an adult is no longer able to make sound decisions on their own behalf, a guardian steps in to ensure that their needs are met. This often brings up uncomfortable topics like potential neglect or abuse in nursing homes and family disputes regarding who should assume the role of guardian. If you’re concerned about the welfare of an incapacitated adult or just want some help with the guardianship process, you can always count on the legal team of John J. Graves.

Minor Guardianship

Child welfare is a serious concern, and guardians face a lot of stress as they try to make decisions on behalf of vulnerable youth. Whether you’re going through a divorce and have issues related to a court-appointed guardianship or you have concerns about the well being of a child currently under the care of a guardian for other reasons, we’re here to provide prompt expertise that will make the guardianship process easier to handle.

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There are many issues that make filing for guardianship difficult, including social, financial and legal matters. If you have questions about your rights or want more information about how the process works, contact our office to schedule a consultation.